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When do I expect my order?

Once you have placed an order for your order customized tote bags, we will send you an order acknowledgment email with all the shipping and delivery details. Please note that as a company, we cannot promise you that we are in a position to speed up your custom printed tote bags delivery to ensure that your package arrives earlier than the estimated day of delivery. Most of the couriers we use guarantee to do their best to make sure that your delivery gets to you in good time. With that in mind, we encourage you to confirm the exact day for your package delivery from our official website.

Timely Deliveries

All our customized canvas tote bags customers can rest assured that we are always committed to keeping our part of the deal through timely delivery. We make it our business to prepare your custom embroidered tote bags for shipment in good time to avoid unnecessary delays. We will include the courier and your package tracking information in your shipment notification email for convenience purpose. In simpler words, we are fully committed to ensuring that we do not keep you waiting for more than necessary.

What if my custom made tote bags delivery gets damaged or goes missing?

We pride ourselves in keeping all our esteemed customers well informed on their respective packages. In order to serve you better, we always make effort to resolve all your custom tote bags delivery problems such as damaged or missing packages to avoid further inconveniences. In such instances, we promise to carry out an extensive investigation to find out what exactly triggered the issue before resolving it amicably. If your customized tote bags go missing or arrive with evident damages, we guarantee to replace them with immediate effect. All you have to do is to contact us immediately after noticing the damages.

What happens if my delivery details change abruptly?

We always advise our customized tote bags, customers, to keep us updated in case their initial shipping details change unexpectedly. Keeping us informed of such changes will help us avoid late deliveries or even missing tote bags. It is your sole responsibility as a client to ensure that the information you provide for delivery is always accurate. Double check your shipment delivery details such as address, email or even phone number to enable us to serve you better.

Sales Tax

We understand that all countries, States or regions have their own distinguished tax regulations, laws and rules. For this, we are not responsible for calculating or collecting sales tax for your custom canvas tote bags online purchases. Please get clarification from the relevant tax entities in your zone for your own convenience.

 Delivery Signature

All our customized tote bags shipments may require your signature upon delivery to avoid inconveniences. 

Free Shipping In USA

Free Shipping In USA
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